Golden Laughter | தங்கச் சிரிப்பு

Story Book + Audio Narration: 

Imagine a boy's laughter turns his toys, his favorite "Idli" ,"eggplant" and his most favorite "Gulab Jamun" into gold. Yes, it is a simple Tamil story with a great value.

For a minute "CLOSE YOUR EYES" and "TURN ON THE KID" in you and guess the story!!!!

Does your creative mind lead to a kid father jump like a monkey and walk like an elephant ? Well, welcome to the world of ipaatti. We brew only creativity, fun and interactivity in our products!!

International quality bilingual book packed with fun & interactivity. Get iPaatti Story !! Let your kid open the creativity can and have fun in Tamil.

Author: Madhan Karky



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