Golden Laughter | தங்கச் சிரிப்பு

Story Book + Audio Narration: (Delivery time: 5 business days)

Imagine a boy's laughter turns his toys, his favorite "Idli","eggplant" and his most favorite "Gulab Jamun" into gold. Yes, it is a simple Tamil story with a great value.

For a minute "CLOSE YOUR EYES" and "TURN ON THE KID" in you and guess the story!!!!

Does your creative mind lead to a kid father jump like a monkey and walk like an elephant? Well, welcome to the world of iPaatti. We brew only creativity, fun, and interactivity in our products!!

An international quality bilingual book packed with fun & interactivity. Get iPaatti Story !! Let your kid open the creativity can and have fun in Tamil.



Author: Madhan Karky



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