Overview :

Books have been a part of our daily lives for a long time now. They've been used to tell stories, preserve history, and communicate knowledge about the world. 

Brief History Of Books 

The oldest history of books begins with tablets, scrolls, and sheets of papyrus, and precedes what is now often referred to as "books." Then came codices, which were hand-bound, costly, and ornate texts. These gave way to press-printed volumes, which finally gave birth to today's mass-printed tomes. With the introduction of the e-book, modern books may no longer have a physical existence.

Stories play an important role in a child’s growth. Stories help a child with its imagination. They help it develop new ideas and encourage a child to create new stories. 

Tamil Story Books Online For Kids 

The mother tongue is a crucial tool for keeping youngsters connected to their culture, and a storybook written in English may not always be enough. It is a difficult effort to teach the Tamil language to young children who are growing up in a foreign environment. It is also difficult since finding Tamil stories book for kids needs a lot of effort.

iPAATTI is an online platform that offers a range of Tamil story books online in today's technological environment. The purpose of the iPAATTI's Tamil story books online is to stimulate children's interest in Tamil while simultaneously allowing them to explore the world through it. Every Tamil stories book combines vibrant visuals, audio, and dramatic music to stimulate children's interest in Tamil.

They provide a large selection of Tamil story books online as well as hard copy. You may easily sign up for their Tamil stories book and make your youngster read Tamil story books online every day. 

Even a Tamil children's tale reading app is available from iPAATTI. Just sign up and start reading a good Tamil stories book now. 

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