Your gift transforms a Tamil class

Your gift will empower us  to donate Tamil learning games  to 100 Tamil classrooms. Our games உயிர்-மெய் and சொற்கற்கள் are transforming the way children learn Tamil. With your help we are donating these games to Tamil classrooms.

We need your Support!! 

1)Target $6000 for 100 Tamil classroom.

2) Each classroom will get 2 Tamil games.

3) Teachers will transform the Tamil class into a fun and interactive class.

Please call +1 703-901-7904 for details/information or reach us at

Our play and learn are used in classrooms across Virginia and California Tamil schools to make learning fun and interactive. Teachers engage children in a classroom with our products i.e. teachers distribute our Tamil letter tiles or letter cards to children and call a word "கடல்" or give list of words. Children work together to find out who has letters  "", "", "ல்" and come forward.   

Our Projects: 

In 2015, we donated 1000 Tamil children book to 80+ Tamil schools with support from our patrons. These books are from our "Young Tamil author" program written by children learning Tamil. These books are now used in Tamil classrooms across the USA and tops the circulation in Tamil school libraries.

In 2018 - 2019, we have donated Tamil learning games to 10 Tamil classrooms. These games are now used in Tamil schools in Maryland, Virginia and California. 


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