Transform Tamil classrooms.  

Campaign target $6000 - To donate Tamil games to 100 Tamil classrooms.

Each classroom will get 2 Tamil games.

All Donors will receive a game (உயிர்-மெய் or சொற்கற்கள் ).

Teachers are using these games and transforming classrooms into fun and interactive Tamil classes.


Children exploring our products.


Children learning உயிர்மெய் எழுத்துக்கள் with உயிர்-மெய் game.


Children playing சொற்கற்கள் game at Maryland Tamil School.

Transform the Tamil class

Your gift will empower us to donate Tamil learning games to 100 Tamil classrooms. Our games உயிர்-மெய் and சொற்கற்கள் are transforming the way children learn Tamil. With your help, we are donating these games to Tamil classrooms.

We need your Support!!

Your support is essential.

We create Tamil learning games. We engage with Tamil teaching community and create products to transform the Tamil classroom into a fun and interactive learning classroom. The உயிர்-மெய் and சொற்கற்கள் games are transforming classroom across USA.


In 2015, we donated 1000 Tamil children book to 80+ Tamil schools with support from our patrons. These books are from our "Young Tamil author" program written by children learning Tamil. These books are now used in Tamil classrooms across the USA and tops the book circulation in Tamil school libraries.

We need your support to donate 2 games to 100 Tamil classes. These games will help teachers to engage children in fun and interactive way. For lower classes we will donate 2 உயிர்-மெய் game to lower grades and 2 சொற்கற்கள் game to higher grade.  

Teachers in action

What is my next word?

Product launch

Is this a Words ?

Story books

Young Author 2015 Project

Your support made an impact. In 2015, with your support we printed 1000 books written by children learning Tamil and donated to 80 Tamil schools. These books are the top circulating books in the Tamil school libraries. These books are used in Tamil classes in the USA. Finally, these books inspired 50 other children to write and publish Tamil books. Support us to transform Tamil classes.


My first Tamil book

My first Tamil book

My first Tamil book

We are Tamil authors.

Our books inspired others.

Board game

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