Gift a Tamil class - Learn Tamil - fun and interactive learning.

Can you gift Tamil learning to Tamil schools? 
  1. சொற்கற்கள்‬ | TAMIL BOARD GAME -1 qty
  2. உயிர்-மெய் (TAMIL LETTERS 247) - 2 qty
  3. மின்னல் | TAMIL WORD GAME  - 1 qty

Our play and learn are used in classrooms across Virginia and California Tamil schools to make learning fun and interactive. Teachers engage children in a classroom with our products i.e. teachers distribute our Tamil letter tiles or letter cards to children and call a word "கடல்" or give list of words. Children work together to find out who has letters  "", "", "ல்" and come forward.   

Activity based learning is the most effective and modern way of learning. This makes the young children learn faster and understand the basic concepts more easily. You can transform the learning with our products. 

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